The 5 best events about Bitcoin, crypto-currencies and Blockchain in Latin America in this 2020

A review of the most important meetings that we were able to witness and enjoy this year in the region.

In spite of the difficulties that the coronavirus and quarantines caused within the Latin American region, this was not an impediment for different communities to organize and celebrate events on Bitcoin, cryptomonics and Blockchain technology this year.

With their respective changes due to the impossibilities of mobilization and congregation, the organizers of these events were able to maximize the technological resources in order to bring together different members of the crypto community to share knowledge, debates and exhibitions related to this vast industry.

Let’s see which were the 5 best events we could hold during this period of time.

Labitconf 2020

Being one of the most traditional events in the region, Labitconf is one of the most recognized events within the Latin American crypt ecosystem. Although complications from the coronavirus did not allow Labitconf 2020 to be held in Guatemala as originally planned by the organizers, the event managed to bring together people from all over the world virtually.

Through ingenious presentations with 3D cartoons and presentations from guests such as Changpeng Zhao, Vitalik Buterin, Adam Back, Andreas Antonopoulos and more, Latin Americans were able to hear about the latest innovations taking place in the industry both globally and locally.

Blockchain Summit Latam 2020

Planned to be held in March in Panama City and cancelled at the last minute at the beginning of the quarantine in the region, the Blockchain Summit Latam 2020 ended up being held virtually in the first week of November.

With 5 days of presentations, the event brought speakers of the stature of Saifedean Ammous, Santiago Siri, Camila Russo, Alex Mashinsky and more that were organized in a thematic agenda where the attendees could listen to presentations on DeFi, local crypto ecosystem, business Blockchain and more

Blockchain Summit Global

The virtuality that caused the coronavirus in the region was potentialized by this event, which went from being Blockchain Summit Uruguay to integrate the whole region and enter the Latin American ecosystem in full.

With more than 22 hours of transmission made between September 3rd and 4th, the event managed to gather more than 3000 spectators, according to the numbers shown by the organizers.

In this particular space, the President of the Central Bank of Uruguay, the Executive Director of Uruguay XXI, and the President of UTE, an energy company in Uruguay, were able to speak.

Crypto Night 2020

Under the organization of the NGO Bitcoin Chile, the Crypto Night 2020 used the virtual as well as a help to get this event out of Chile and projected to the whole region. This peculiar meeting, as its name indicates, was held in the evening hours on December 5th and brought presentations focused on both the Chilean and Latin American ecosystems.

Topics such as DeFi, Scams in the crypto world and Blockchain technology in the midst of different scenarios in Chile could be heard in this event that managed to bring together an important number of people through Discord.

Crypto Latin Fest 2020

Directly from Colombia, on December 11th and 12th we could witness the Cripto Latin Fest 2020 with two days full of music, entertainment and crypto content with speakers from all over Latin America.

The gamer universe in cryptomonies, crypto-trading and the presence of women in the cryptomonies industry were topics that could be seen among the different debates that took place in this peculiar event that with virtuality could also leave the coffee lands to become an international event with spectators from all over the world.